Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Life just got a little Sweeter!

So I was home sick today resigned to having a quiet miserable day, and then I decided I'd finish a few short plays that I had started. One of them was "The Book of Liz" by Amy and David Sedaris. It's a hysterical short play about one small sweaty nun named Elizabeth. Anyway, after reading this wonderfully delightful play I began google-ing Amy Sedaris. I already knew quite a bit about her brother after reading a few of his books, but I didn't know much about Liz. As it turns out she is a well acomplished actress, and writer, but what is more....she runs a cupcake business when she's not acting. I can't think of a more wonderful life. Humor, acting, and cupcakes.
So it turns out all my dreams are possible, and one woman is already leading the way!
New life goal: Do it all! All of it! Bake every cupcake AND perform on stage!
Not too bad for a sick day.

1 comment:

  1. Yes, do eet! I look forward to both endeavors in the future!